Rock That Biscuit

Jewellery by Georgie Collins | Owner | Maker | Designer |

Welcome to laid back style, colour and sparkle!



Every wrist deserves to rock a bracelet. From our signature friendship bracelets to our chakra sparkles with a modern vibe. Layer for stylish individuality:

Woven bracelets, leather bracelets, wrap bracelets sterling silver, gemstone, liberty ribbon.


The go-to accessory from Rock That Biscuit to help you transform your outfit.  Few things are as essential as rocking some earrings:

Simple sterling silver, gemstone drops, gold vermeil, sophisticated colour.


Rock That Biscuit’s necklace selection includes chokers, short pendants and every style in between – when it comes to necklaces, one is never enough:

Pendants, Gold Necklaces, Silver Necklaces, Chokers, Short Pendants, Gemstone Necklaces.

Extra Biscuits

A brilliant range of fun, quirky and unusual gifts encompassing an ever-changing range of accessories:

Homeware, clothing, lifestyle and fashion accessories.


If you feel something is missing in life, it is almost always a biscuit.
— Anon